Financial Counseling

Even with health insurance, the financial impact of cancer treatment can be challenging for an individual or a family to handle. The Baptist Cancer Center Financial Navigator program may help to alleviate some of the financial stress or hardship associated with your cancer treatment. This free program can help you to make informed financial decisions and even offer a second opinion on financial options you are considering. The Financial Navigator provides a confidential service for you that is available at any point in your cancer care. The Financial Navigator provides explanations to promote your financial comprehension and decision making. The Navigator can assist you in understanding your insurance coverage, available patient assistance programs, charity care eligibility, and payment plan options, etc. The Financial Navigator is available to assist you in developing a financial plan that will provide a sense of peace related to the financial responsibilities of healthcare. Some of the services available to our cancer patients are as follows:

  • Medicare
  • Insurance
  • Charity, Uninsured, and Indigent Care
  • Patient Assistance Programs

Estimate your Costs

Baptist offers a cost estimator for our patients so you can gain a better understanding of the price of your procedures and treatment.

About Medicare, Insurance and Charity Care

Baptist Cancer Center serves a wide variety of patients every day, including many with commercial insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and TennCare. In addition, for qualifying patients, Baptist provides millions of dollars in charity care every year.


We accept patients covered by Medicare and strive to provide the highest levels of service to anyone needing medical assistance. Please contact the facility you wish to go to for details about forms you may need to complete and other details.


Baptist Health Services Group provides an updated list of insurance plans that include Baptist. Please check with your human resources department or benefits administrator to see if Baptist is included in your plan.

Charity, Uninsured, and Indigent Care

Baptist is committed to treating all patients equally, with dignity, respect and compassion. We provide services in anticipation of payment by patients and/or those financially responsible for patients in exchange for services rendered. We assist patients in qualifying for federal, state and local programs. In addition, we work with our patients to help determine if they are eligible for financial assistance under our charity, uninsured and indigent policy. All we ask is that they provide us with certain financial information and other documentation, including proof of income. For patients who qualify for financial assistance under our charity, uninsured and indigent policy, we offer a reasonable variety of payment options, including discounts, payment terms and prompt-pay arrangements.

Patient Assistance Programs

Baptist Cancer Center offers a medication assistance program to all patients who may qualify for a drug company's patient assistance program. All patients who may qualify and may want to participate in the program are asked to sign a consent form and provide financial documentation. This consent form allows the Baptist Patient Assistance Advocate to apply for and release information for assistance only to drug companies solely for the purpose of medication reimbursement or assistance. Since the drug companies make the final decision on eligibility, there is no guarantee that a patient will be approved, but there is no risk or obligation to enroll in the program and enrollment will not affect any other assistance that the patient seeks. Some patients may be contacted directly by the drug company for additional information in order to determine their eligibility for participation. All patient information is kept confidential, and only released to HIPPA compliant drug companies.